28 August 2018

Paul Taylor was born in San Francisco in 1955, and now lives and works in Los Angeles. He took up photography in a serious way in his early teens, shooting abstracts inspired by Minor White and Aaron Siskind, and the decision to make it his profession prompted his move to Los Angeles in 1980. He started his own business shooting commercially in 1984, always trying to bring a creative sensibility to his projects. In the last few years, he has been exploring the impractical side of photography where, instead of trying to convey the benefits of products, he is trying to communicate something ineffable. Images have too long been used as promotion or propaganda – trying to elicit a certain response in the viewer. In an attempt to counter this trend, he is increasingly gravitating to the abstract, the root of his love for the medium. Abstracts lack the signifiers integral to message making, and instead disorient the viewer. This detachment from the physical world bears a resemblance to meditation, and shares the goal of spiritual enlightenment. Photography has always had a strong association with reality and, when conjuring emotions, resonates that much more. It can help expand and sensitize our perceptions, and make us alert to the mysteries of our nature as well.









All prints are Chromogenic color prints 24″ x 36″, edition of 5, $1200,

except the series Old as Cold Water, which are archival Pigment prints, 24″ x 36″, edition of 5, $1200